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    I've been using a photo management software since I've been shooting digital (early 2000s) called ACDsee. Its inexpensive and works great. Recently, I came across an article that ACDsee works with OneDrive. Surprised (since I use both OneDrive and ACDsee and never knew) I opened ACDsee and sure enough OneDrive was in the folder tree. I opened it and my images opened with ease. Using ACDsee I was able to do all the things I normally do to the images while they are still on my harddrive. Wow. I just learned something new and super happy one of my favorite pieces of software works with OneDrive.

    This is NOT an add for ACDsee. However, being a fan of both ACDsee and MS I wanted to let anyone know that has thousands of images and might need some type of powerful photo management system that works with OneDrive. Most of my images are on external harddrives and I only have a few hundred on Onedrive. However, since I discovered this I'll be using OneDrive (as a backup system) more often.

    I should add. ACDsee is for PCs (and tablets I guess) and not phones.
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    06-05-2015 07:56 AM

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