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    By accident I clicked the option on a folder 'Make these files online-only'. Reason was that some files in a folder just did not show up online. And I wanted to force them to sync offline, but just did not read the complete menu option, 'only' I left out. But I realized the mistake the moment I did it.
    But no way to cancel it. Unfortunately the folder contains 310 Gb of all my photo's. And I have programs on my PC that use the offline photo's, so I need them on the PC as well.

    The strange thing I found is that in explorer the files are still there (the names and properties), I just cannot open them.
    So I found the 'Settings' option to 'make all my files offline available'. I checked it (It actually told me that I would need 310 Gb extra space).
    So I assumed it would sync the files back.

    I opened my Ethernet 'Network Status', to check the bytes send/received. Not much there. So I left my PC running this night, and checked this morning. No change in bytes received (but bytes sent went up with 2 Gb????). And indeed my files are still not back. I went to some directories, and did a 'View Extra Large Icons', and it looked like that made the files being downloaded again. But in some directories it just does not do anything, when showing extra large icons it shows the default icon extra large, but nothing else. Opening a photo with the standard windows picture viewer tells me the image is corrupt (I guess it just is not downloaded yet).

    So how can I force OneDrive to download the files again?


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