1. ohsomeonereally's Avatar
    On Microsoft Blog :
    "OneDrive and OneDrive for Business will now offer unlimited storageat no additional costto our Office 365 consumer and business customers."
    Source: https://blogs.office.com/2014/10/27/onedrive-now-unlimited-storage-office-365-subscribers/

    But on this page: https://products.office.com/en/buy/?WT.mc_id=mscom_en-pk_bnr_O365Buy-Prog
    It says "1TB for 1 User" under Office 365 Personal.

    Which one is true? Will I get 1TB or 10TB/Unlimited? I'm solely subscribing to Office 365 for the storage.
    07-09-2015 08:15 AM
  2. ohsomeonereally's Avatar
    Just had a chat with Microsoft rep. Here is their reply:
    "You are entitled to have the free 1 TB storage, if your subscribe to Office 365. Once you are about to consume your 1 TB, you will then receive an email and can request for you to have the additional 10 TB."
    07-09-2015 08:56 AM
  3. PavanReddy's Avatar
    I don't know man. MSFT is doing a crappity job with the space thing. I activated Office 365 but I haven't yet to be bumped up to 1tb let alone 10tb...I'm filling my space with some files now. Let's see what happens once I reach capacity...
    07-11-2015 04:53 PM
  4. PavanReddy's Avatar
    getting this setup has been a pain. I've been on multiple calls with MSFT, but no resolution. I've exceeded my 240gb space and can't get the additional 1tb, let alone "unlimited".
    07-14-2015 12:09 PM

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