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    I have two hard drives - a C: with Windows 8.1 and Program Files folders, and a D: with the OneDrive folder, so:

    C:\Program Files
    C:\Program Files (x86)


    The entire OneDrive folder (about 120 GB) is available offline.

    Next week, when Windows 10 comes out, I would like to format my C: and perform clean installation of Windows 10. However, I don't want resync my entire 120 GB OneDrive folder. So my question is, if I leave the D: intact, and when I install Windows 10, I simply move the OneDrive fodler from it's default location to D:\OneDrive (the same place where I currently have OneDrive now), will OneDrive realize that all my files are there, and not try to resync and possibly duplicate all my files?

    Thank you
    07-24-2015 04:27 AM

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