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    Last week, I moved my 40GB Music collection to the OneDrive folder on my Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit PC (with the Media Pro Pack) so I could keep an online backup and also continue to share it across my network with my DLNA-enabled tablets and network receivers when I immediately noticed that I was no longer able to browse and play back any music that is stored in the OneDrive folder via DLNA - this despite setting permissions in Windows Explorer for the Music path to give read rights to "Everyone". As a test, I moved a few albums to a music folder that I setup outside of the OneDrive path and added that new parent folder to my Music Library on the Windows 8.1 PC and both of my network receivers found all of the copied music, browsed and played the content immediately. I then decided to test this on my Windows 10 PC and yielded the same results as on the Windows 8 PC. Please not that I've also tried accessing the both directories (the OneDrive/Music path and the E:/Music path) on a Surface 3, an HP Stream 7, a Sony Tablet S (Android tab) and my Xbox 360 and all of the results were the same so....anyone else experiencing this issue? Is this an issue of OneDrive permissions superseding Windows permissions? Any suggestions on how to grant access rights to DLNA-enabled devices? I highly suggest others to attempt this, it will only take a few minutes to setup with Windows Media Player.

    (Please don't respond with "move your music folder outside of OneDrive" because I already know that I can do that and it doe not solve the issue, but rather only presents a work-around that I have already tested. Our goal here should be to explore ways to make OneDrive better for all users and if I am the first to experience this issue, then I certainly will not be the last.)

    I posted this same question on another Forum, as well:
    09-07-2015 10:53 AM

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