1. David Mundstock's Avatar
    I occasionally need to send large files to a friend who puts them online as travel videos.

    OneDrive easily allowed me to send a file in 2014, but now it works differently, making the instructions I wrote down last year useless.

    Now I am looking for the most simple method to e-mail an 85 MB file as a OneDrive attachment.

    Here is what might work, but it may just be another of my many OneDrive failures.

    First I should upload the 85 MB file to OneDrive and move it to the folder marked "Public".

    Then the e-mail with a OneDrive attachment of the "Public" folder containing only my file, as a link named "Public", allows my file to be be downloaded by the e-mail recipient.

    Will this work or fail?

    The file must be downloadable. I'm trying to avoid all "Sharing" and "View Only" options for my 85 MB file that drove me crazy by preventing any download. OneDrive became my enemy.

    If I have solved the problem as described above, is this the best way to do it? I'm horribly non-technical and OneDrive offers no help at all.

    But if the method detailed above will fail, please tell me, with very simple instructions, how to send a downloadable 85 MB file as a OneDrive e-mail attachment.

    I thank everyone in advance who offers me help.

    10-14-2015 04:36 PM
  2. etphoto's Avatar
    Upload file, right click on it, select share, create link, copy and paste link in email to friend. They can then download it.
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    10-14-2015 06:41 PM
  3. David Mundstock's Avatar

    Thank you so much for those instructions, which finally got OneDrive to do what I wanted in a convenient way.

    I'm still confused over how OneDrive performs related functions.

    Must all files be uploaded to OneDrive for them to be shared? And, did I download a OneDrive program which does this upload automatically?

    I tried a huge file, over 1 GB, and OneDrive kept at the upload task for quite a while, the upload icon remaining active. But I could not wait for OneDrive to finish, and it seemed to have made little progress. I canceled the upload. Yet this morning OneDrive claimed to have the entire file. I followed your instructions once again and sent the second link to my friend by e-mail.

    Prior to your rescue I had been flailing about on OneDrive. Finding a OneDrive program to download and install on my Windows 7 computer seemed like a good idea. The program appeared, but I got absolutely nowhere trying to "share" this 1 GB file with my friend. Thought I had another failure on my hands.

    But now, looking back to the program's download page, is says " This creates a OneDrive folder on your PC that’s kept in sync with OneDrive." I had failed to notice that before. It apparently means that any file I place in the OneDrive program ends up as a regular OneDrive file that can be shared, without any need for an upload.

    Disregarding all my mistakes it appears that the correct answers to the questions above are:

    Yes, files must be in OneDrive for them to be shared, and attempts at sharing from the OneDrive program on my computer are a total waste of time.

    And Yes again, the OneDrive desktop program moves all its files to OneDrive by itself, without any action on my part. Then I only learn about such synchronization when finding a white on green check mark added to the original file.

    Have I got it right this time?

    10-15-2015 12:48 PM
  4. 920Walker's Avatar
    I find the web browser version of OneDrive to be the most intuitive in dealing with sharing public files.
    10-15-2015 01:10 PM

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