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  1. TGPDX's Avatar
    This is not a request for help, it's a bit late for that!

    I will shortly be dumping OneDrive for an unnamed competitor already in use. It has a beautiful interface, file transfers/updates, sharing, etc. are all quick and seamless. In comparison, OneDrive has been a clunky piece of poo since the day I first began working with it.

    1) Ugly online/smartphone etc. interface
    2) Thumbnails of online files take forever to load......and then there's the actual file.
    3) Application loves (whether I'm on desktop, phone or...) to randomly inform me that it's not going to cooperate until I sign in. Hmm - never signed out, but signing back in sometimes works.
    4) Files don't immediately synch and - especially photos - often end up lost for a while.
    5) App often refuses to save random files out of multiple being saved one after another.
    6) App will *save* one or more files but not to cloud for days or weeks before suddenly informing me of all the corrective actions I need to take to "resolve" the issue.
    7) Auto synch from mobile devices often fails to engage for periods of time...............meaning Ta Dah - files at times can not be used because they aren't there.........?????????????? I travel in and out of wireless signal free areas and should not have to spend hours playing with this stupid piece of *&$% to ensure it has done the fantastic job MS would like us to believe it is capable of.

    The unnamed competitor has none of these issues. Great interface, instantly loads hundreds and hundreds of thumbnails (of even files 30, 40mb plus each in size). Easy to share, edit and collaborate, zero error messages, logged in means logged in, zero repeated works one second and fails the next problems etc.

    I've used both on Win 7, 8.1 and 10. OneDrive is a buggy, barely functional, knockoff produced my MS, who greatly stretches the truth in all their advertising (one humble little opinion). If you're reading this, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. As soon as I wrap up a couple projects and the Thanksgiving holiday I will be transitioning out of OneDrive entirely ................................... , lol.
    11-25-2015 02:51 PM
  2. kwright62's Avatar
    One Windows 8.1 it is perfect. Allows extremely quick retrieval and editing of photos without downloading them. On 10, the needle on the vacuum meter broke! Everyone has access to the web via WiFi or cellular at all times. If they are planning on loosing access it is easy to save a file to the computer.

    I've added links via a network drive setup but it is incredibly slow. The worst part: Drop Box has made the most of the file explorer navigation system!

    No place holders in 10 means that I keep all of my computers on 8.1 until the option exists for an 8.1 architecture for One Drive files.
    11-27-2015 07:26 PM

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