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    I've been using OneDrive mostly for OneNote, Office documents and music.
    I had 1TB of space and used about 170GB.
    I.e. no problem at all (except that OneDrive is not half as good in W10 as it was in W8.1).

    Now my pre-paid 12 months of Office 365 just did run out last weekend and the OneDrive was (correctly) set to 40GB. I purchased a new card/code for 12months of Office 365 and activated the code.
    Office is once again working as it should but OneDrive is still only giving me 40GB??!

    I have contacted MS-support over mail, service board, chat, phone but everyone is suggesting that I should:

    1. Wait 48h (it is now 72 hours + since I activated the code)
    2. Sending me into a loop of “call this service number”  “No, you should not call us, use the service board at”, “No you should not use the service board you should use the chat at”, “No, the best thing ois to call (the first number…(/&%/&%#!!!).

    What is this? Is this the new MS or do they have some strange problems with OneDrive/Support?
    12-11-2015 05:29 AM

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