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    I have a Lumia 535 Dual Sim with Windows 8.1.
    Since a Little while, my computer doesn't recognize my phone anymore so I decided to rely on Onedrive to add some musics.
    It worked well with the nearly 30 Songs I added except for 2, I do have the song, The album cover, but not the details (Album Name, Artist Name ).
    It wouldn't have botehred me if the random generator was actually random, Since it takes the first songs of albums and put them on the top of the list and any non-Album songs are on the very bottom.
    Since I'd like to actually hear the songs I added I would like to know the source of the problem and solve it.

    P.S I tried to Remove the songs from my phone and redownload them, remove them on Onedrive. Heck I even tried to redownload them from the source, It just won't work.

    Hope you can help me.
    12-14-2015 03:09 PM

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