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    Hey dzinger, this drove me nuts for a long time. What is the point of cloud storage if it takes up your hard drive? Not to mention that OneDrive is constantly "syncing" and using up precious disk space and computing power. Luckily after literal days spent on this problem. I managed to put together a somewhat reasonable solution.

    1. Using Internet Explorer (actually), go to https://login.microsoftonline.com; enter your user name and password and select keep me signed in.

    2. Click on the square in the upper left hand corner and select OneDrive from the drop down menu.

    3. Once in OneDrive, select internet options from the upper left hand corner. Under the Security tab add the URL to the trusted sites list. If there is an option to choose a security level (depending on which version of explorer you are using) set it to lowest for trusted sites.

    5. Click return to classic OneDrive in the lower left hand corner.

    6. Click into the folder that you wish to have available on your PC (or tablet, or whatever).

    7. In the OneDrive settings menu make sure that the ribbon is turned to on.

    8. On the ribbon, under the Library heading click on open with explorer. Leave the resulting window open.

    9. Open a new explorer window and right click on This PC on the left hand side. Select Map Network Drive.

    10. Select the option (should be at the bottom of the pop-up box): Connect to a Website that you can use to store your documents and pictures. When given the option, select: Choose a custom network location. When you are asked to enter the network address use the address contained in the window you opened from OneDrive.

    11. Bada Bing! You can now use OneDrive as an actual cloud service. The files are not located on your computer; you can cut and paste files from your computer onto OneDrive and visa versa and they will be located on one or the other, not both. If you delete a file from the OneDrive folder it deletes the file stored online. There will be no syncing and no storage use on your device.

    The folder will be a network path, but I like to create a shortcut to my desktop. This can be a bit tetchy. If your folder is not opening: try logging in to office 365 and navigating to the folder in OneDrive. It should ask you to verify that you trust this site. If not, do the security process described above again.
    The URL you posted does not link to what you may want it to link too ? And what internet option are you referring too within OneDrive ?
    07-24-2019 02:05 PM
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