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    I want to like OneDrive I really do but it doesn't seem possible, I want to tell my customers it's the answer to their cloud storage problems, they can remove their on premise file server and migrate all their users to Office 365 and everything will work swimmingly.

    But no.. OneDrive sucks and I'm not convinced it even rates in the list of Microsoft's priorities.

    The synchronisation breaks regularly and gives you the useful message that there is an error. You have to work out what the error is yourself and then sort out every individual file it complains about one by one, renaming it or deleting it which you never consider as you have no idea if it's the latest version or not.

    Shared folder access is nightmare even if you try to work around it's security problems by creating dedicated OneDrive accounts for top level Folders there is no way share a folder and set delegated security rights for different users and groups.

    It stops working at the drop of a hat.. Oh I see you installed Visio I'll just stop working.. actually the information isn't as useful as that.. Incompatible office products are installed on your machine... figure out what they are yourself and then remove them because why would you want to have Visio and Office on the same machine anyway.

    So my question is..

    Why does OneDrive suck? and when well Microsoft treat it with the priority it deserves and fix it?
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    02-16-2016 09:30 AM

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