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    New computer. I want one folder, and one folder only, to be automatically synced to Onedrive. If I right-click on the cloud in the taskbar and go to Settings, it seems I can only choose to save documents and pictures. I get no option to choose any folders or subfolders. I want to sync Blue Iris video files, which are stored on the pc in a folder called C:\blueiris\new. After spending hours on this, I'm ready to just ask: can somebody please just tell me how to do it? Thanks!
    02-16-2016 04:43 PM
  2. ScottDMICIT's Avatar
    How Onedrive works. You have a Onedrive folder on your PC that is what Onedrive cloud syncs to and only it, you can not choose a folder outside of it to sync. So what you need to do is copy and paste into the Onedrive folder either the files you want or that folder.

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