1. ITSystemEngineer's Avatar
    Hi People,

    Can someone please explains to me as to why the website below:

    yqflpa.bay.livefilestore.com 411.18 GB
    yqflpa.by3301.livefilestore.com 324.41 GB
    yqflpa.by3302.livefilestore.com 226.77 GB
    lym3uw.bay.livefilestore.com 62.4 GB

    which I suspect it is associated with One Drive pulling more than 600 GB GB of data in the past 7 days while my One Drive account is just the basic 15+15 GB ?

    I'm the only one in my company who One Drive application and my proxy server shows that the majority of the traffic is caused by my computer transferring data into those 4 websites.

    The One Drive files in my office laptop is also not all synchronized (got Red X in most of the files) while my laptop at home seems to be fine all along.

    Note: I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise Version 10.0.10586.164 (latest) in my office.

    03-09-2016 08:19 PM
  2. Vlatko Stojanovski's Avatar
    That does point to it trying to sync everything and failing and re-trying and failing and so on.

    If you have all your data on OneDrive, you might want to try uninstalling the app on the local machine, and moving/removing the files.

    After that just reinstall and sync to a new folder. That should fix the sync issues. After that you can observe traffic for a few days to see if it still doing the same.
    03-10-2016 12:55 AM

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