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    OneDrive Help Responses:

    1. 2016-Jun-08: Thank you very much for reaching out to us. I am one of the engineers on the OneDrive mobile apps team. The app back up feature is part of the operating system and isn't handled by the OneDrive app. For more information about that feature I recommend you to check Mobile Devices - Microsoft Community.
    2. 2016-Jun-13: Hey. We haven't heard back from you regarding your request for assistance. As a reminder here is what we need to further assist you. We would love to hear back from you to ensure your issue is resolved. We assume your issue has been resolved if we don't hear back in 4 days. If you need help on this issue after we've closed the ticket feel free to reply to this email and we will get going again.
    06-13-2016 05:34 PM
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    06-17-2016 02:40 PM
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    Very nice. :)
    06-17-2016 02:49 PM

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