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    I've been using iCloud for backup, but now I'm wondering whether or not OneDrive (for a Windows phone) would be any more potent in backing up application data than iCloud is (for an iPhone). My iPhone reads that my Kik application data accumulates to 257 MB; however, the amount that iCloud backs up for it is a meager 2.3 MB. Scanning what iCloud has backed up, I could only recover four of my most recent picture attachments and conversations dating back to my first login on my current account, but nothing from my older logins. Kik, allegedly being designed to maximize privacy, clears out chats the moment an account is logged out. Would OneDrive behave in the same way that iCloud does (saving all of the chat history since your most recent login on Kik, and only a few of the recent picture attachments you've sent or received on the application)?
    02-25-2017 10:55 AM

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