1. Victoria100's Avatar
    I have been successfully syncing OneDrive folders to micro SDX and USBs on multiple computers (Win 10 & Win 7) for a while now. Today, OneDrive suddenly stopped working on all computers and I got message: "Onedrive must be on a drive that is using the NTFS filesystem". I made no changes to my systems or the OneDrive link. What is going on???
    07-01-2017 02:57 PM
  2. jjmorgan64's Avatar
    Happened to me as well, ended up reformatting the card, no fun.
    07-01-2017 08:46 PM
  3. Victoria100's Avatar
    Thanks. Was not sure if I could format an external card as NTFS, but if it worked for you I'll give it a try. No fun indeed with near 100 gig of data on each card to be synced.

    (Think I'll also search for other cloud sync providers, as I no longer trust OneDrive, having done something like this with no warning.)
    07-04-2017 08:40 AM

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