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    In Windows 10, I am having a problem when downloading a file stored in a friend's OneDrive account. He sends me the file's download link in an email, but every time I click the emailed link, the file is automatically opened. I am not provided with an option to Save it. For example, an ISO file is automatically opened, appearing as a (very) large stream of "text", whereas I want the option to save it (as an ISO file).

    If I copy the emailed link to Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, the same problem occurs. The file is automatically opened every time.

    Right-clicking the emailed link deals only with hyperlink options - there's no option to Save the file.

    The identical situation occurs with my other Windows 10 computer.

    Q. How can I correct this so the "Open or Save" options are presented each time I click on a OneDrive download link?
    Q. Is it possible the problem lies with the creation of the download link itself (on my friend's computer)? He is running Windows 10 and stores the ISO file in his OneDrive account.

    Any assistance appreciated.
    09-25-2017 09:03 AM

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