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    Hello Community,

    I posted a question over on the "official" OneDrive Forums here:

    But did not get an answer -- well, more like views as there are little over 30 views after nearly 3 weeks and half of them are mine. 😅

    So I wanted to post here instead. This is very curious as nothing seems to stand out as answer, and it would seem easy enough to determine if I have some sort of rogue software running on my machines somehow.

    Anyways, I hope someone here is savvy enough to assist. Or at least view my question. 😆

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    04-23-2019 06:08 AM
  2. Mike-EEE's Avatar
    Does anyone use OneDrive anymore?
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    04-24-2019 05:30 AM
  3. spicypadthai's Avatar
    04-24-2019 03:25 PM
  4. Mike-EEE's Avatar
    hey @spicypadthai (lol nice name)... indeed. I have seen this happening on several machines, two of them being a new install from scratch using the 1809 ISO.

    I am a bit surprised that finding an answer on this very obvious question is so difficult. Either this is standard OneDrive behavior or it isn't and I am a victim of malware/hack of some sort.

    Thank you for your assistance, in any case.
    04-25-2019 06:48 AM
  5. spicypadthai's Avatar
    It's definitely not standard behavior and I don't think it's malware. I've set up 50+ systems with Windows 10 since it was released, ranging from upgrading older W7/8.1 PCs to new ones with 1809 out-of-the-box and everything in between, and I've never seen it. Are you connected to the internet while doing the setups? That you're seeing it on more than one points to something in the environment.
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    04-25-2019 08:00 AM
  6. Mike-EEE's Avatar
    To be sure, the only way I know this happens is that I use ConEMU as my Windows console. It has a nice feature where it will capture all CMD windows that open up and allow you to close them on your own as opposed to simply closing and leaving you with a "WTF". Otherwise, CMD windows simply pop up and disappear (which has always felt like its own form of getting "hacked" if that makes any sense).

    I didn't "see" this either until installing it. :)
    04-25-2019 09:17 AM
  7. spicypadthai's Avatar
    So is OneDrive working fine? If yes, and if I'm understanding what you're saying, there's no error or command prompt window displaying to the user, then is there really a problem? I checked the file and path in your screenshot in the MS forum post and while the folder location exists, the file doesn't, but OneDrive works fine for everyone who has a PC I set up. I've never used ConEMU so I can't speak to it, but it may be a red herring.
    04-25-2019 11:06 AM
  8. Mike-EEE's Avatar
    Yes, it works fine, but somehow I have a setting/configuration somewhere that launches these two commands at startup and I consider them suspicious/suspect until I can determine their origin (ideal) and/or stop them from happening. I have looked in Task Scheduler and there appears to be a OneDrive task there, but it is one of the other two that are legitimate (from what I can tell).
    04-25-2019 11:13 AM
  9. spicypadthai's Avatar
    I don't have much more to add except what happens when you don't have ConEMU installed? Is there command prompt pop-up, an error, anything that makes you think something isn't working? If not, then ConEMU may be reporting something that is normal behavior. If you want to keep at it, and I respect the tenacity, the next step is to call MS, which I'm guessing will be long, painful, and unproductive...
    04-25-2019 11:38 AM
  10. Mike-EEE's Avatar
    Are you suggesting that a call to a missing .exe is normal behavior? If so, I haven't seen anything to confirm that which is why I am out here on the boards trying to verify.

    If you are aware of another way to keep CMD windows from arbitrarily closing after execution then I am all ears. :) Otherwise, from my understanding, ConEMU is working as designed and is simply showing the error message from an executed command being executed on my machine (somehow, someway).

    Additionally, my root concern here is that while the folder exists but the EXE does not, what is to say that a malware or virus did not put that EXE there? That is what I am attempting to allay here despite everything appearing to work in good order.

    I super appreciate your thoughts, insight, and assistance here, @spicypadthai!
    04-25-2019 11:57 AM
  11. Mike-EEE's Avatar
    FWIW it would seem that yet another one (!) has been introduced in 1903:
    08-04-2019 12:40 PM
  12. Mike-EEE's Avatar
    So amazingly... this seems to be getting better, believe it or not. I am now down to 1 error message (out of four):
    10-18-2019 05:41 AM

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