1. John Venables's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I have been using my onedrive for a while on my desktop.

    I created a onedrive directory on my d:\Drive and then replacated all the personal folders:- photo's, documents, downloads & music.etc in this folder, I then changed the properties of the system folder and moved their location to this new folder. Which should mean that when i click on documents in windows explorer, it will go straight to my d:\drive. This is also then sync'd fully via Onedrive to the web.

    I bought a surface pro 7 and added a 356GB microsd card to give me a D:\Drive, and wanted to do the same thing which is causing me issues, i believe due to onedrive being installed by default on newer devices.

    I want to have the same setup on my Surface as I do on my desktop. I would love Onedrive to automatically sync any changes from documents, movies, photo's, music and dowloads between devices.

    i was wondering what the best step by step process was for this to happen painlessly.

    On my c:\drive on my Surface I seem to have all the above folders in c:\users\jvena\OneDrive and c:\users\jvena I also have additional documents, downloads, music, photo folders.

    Should i uninstall onedrive on both my desktop & Surface. Create a OneDrive folder on my D:\Drive in both machines, and create all folders, use the move location command on the system folders then install onedrive and tell it, its home drive is d:\Onedrive?

    Or is there a better way of clearing up all these anomalies on both machines, folders, files, locations...etc
    02-03-2020 08:12 AM
  2. Ryujingt3's Avatar
    Typically, you install OneDrive on one machine and sync it. Then, on the second machine, sign in to OneDrive using the same account, and that will sync to. Both devices will sync from the same OneDrive account you logged in as. So there is no reason you can't replicate what you did on your first device on your Surface too.

    Does this help?

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    02-04-2020 09:52 PM
  3. John Venables's Avatar
    Hi, from my perspective, the issue is that on the surface, onedrive was already installed and had created it's onedrive folders in c:\users. I wanted to replicate it on the D:\Onedrive\ all the folders. and make onedrive use that, and then change all my system folders like documents, downloads, pictures...etc to d:\OneDrive\ folders...and clear up the C:\users...

    I seem to get issues trying to setup up the D:\Drive - moving folders to D:\OneDrive.
    02-05-2020 07:15 AM

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