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    OK, so I got some help on here before but I'm stuck again.

    Background - I have lots of photos & videos from my many many years of snapping away.
    They are on my phone, they are on my laptop and I have a back-up plug in drive.
    I thought OneDrive would be an easy way to keep everything in sync but I was wrong or stupid!

    Issue - I have huge issues getting everything to sync, always have, maybe I should just live with phone/laptop & backup to drive, but my current issue is my laptop is running out of space (which it shouldn't be) and I've found a OneDrive folder hidden under 'Users' which seems to have a complete copy of everything that's on One Drive and in my own Pictures folder too?

    questions - why? and can I delete it without that nasty OneDrive habit of it deleting every copy everywhere else?
    09-20-2022 11:53 AM

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