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    Have you found a good review, or do you want to write your own? Post in this thread!
    11-20-2013 11:20 AM
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    This is a fair and decently detailed review , I have been considering this for so long
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    11-20-2013 11:29 AM
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    Engadget's review is pretty accurate. (I own one for the record)

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro review: a high-end Ultrabook that's actually affordable
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    11-20-2013 11:52 AM
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    SO I'm surprised there isn't more talk about this device on this forum. I ended up canceling my thinkpad 8 order and picked up a 128gb SSD, i5, 4gb memory from bestbuy. Love this device. But I love the surface pro 2. But I like the ability to have a good laptop at the same time. In my opinion I would be scared to even use the Surface Pro 2 on my lap with the kickstand. I thought about the dell venue pro 11 with an i5. But after reading some reviews I got a little weary of it. So I looked at the Yoga Pro 2. I found that best buy had it on sale for $949.99 Monday for the i5, 4 gb memory, 128gb of solid state. I managed to get it down to $899. I noticed there was a issue with the color of yellows, and bright blues. I read it was because of the screen. But also said it can be fixed with a bios update and the energy manager. After getting both of those my yellow problem was fixed. Also to get way better battery life when i'm not plugged in I set the processor to 70%. So I can around 7-8 hours on a fairly bright screen. I have ran into a few minor things so far. For example I randomly couldn't select and open a tab in the metro IE. Also when I tried to add a Bluetooth device it wasn't there under PC and devices. I rebooted for both separate issues and fixed the problems. The High Res screen is nice. But it can also be your worse enemy with certain legacy programs. I have noticed I have to adjust my resolution sometimes. People complained about the lower resolutions being larger and wonky. But if you adjust the scaling size to smaller when the screen resolution is set lower it is bearable. I only have noticed a few programs from whom I work for so far that have this issue. Not a huge deal for me switching resolutions every now and then. I am still getting used to the short backspace and short shift key on the right side of the keyboard. I sometimes hit the home button because of the short backspace. I'll get use to the keyboard eventually. Also love the backlit keys. When I saw the first gen of Yoga's I didn't think they were for me. But from what I learned from my jump from the Surface RT to Samsung Ativ is that I use the laptop mode more but still love a tablet form. The Yoga Pro 2 does a great job of a laptop. And does a good job of a tablet when sitting down or at a table. I wouldn't want to stand and hold this thing forever. But from what I have done with the Surface RT and Samsung Ativ I never really stood using them in tablet form. So I lean more to the Laptop side than the tablet side. As of right now I am really impressed with the device. Another weird thing though is the vibration when I touch the windows button on the screen sounds like it isn't working properly almost like one of those old wind up cars that you just let go of when you're holding it. But fainter and shorter. Anyway not a huge deal in my opinion. At the moment i'm trying to decide what warranty to go with and possibly a sleeve for it. I can go with Geek Squad(Best Buy) accidental protection for 1 year for $180. Or go with Lenovo In home 3 year accidental and damage protection for $190. Lenovo appears to be the easy choice. But with Geek squad if it is unfixable I can replace it with another computer for a similar value. With Lenovo they just replace it. Anyone else get an extended warranty? What did you choose? Oh and about the sleeve, I think I found a Lenovo branded sleeve for this exact model for $39.99 at best buy. Might check it out.

    Thanks in advance for any input. Let me know if you have any questions about the Yoga Pro 2.
    03-05-2014 10:44 PM

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