1. devrieaj's Avatar
    The XPS 11 was promoted since June to feature "an Active Stylus [that] lets you takes notes on this thin and lightweight tablet for pinpoint accuracy and better productivity". Unfortunately after several calls to Dell technical support, I was able to confirm that this device does not support an Active Stylus. I suppose that Dell removed this capability when finalizing the launch specifications.

    I bought this device instead of the Lenovo Yoga because of the Stylus. Without it, the no-travel touch keyboard is too much of a compromise to recommend this device, which is why I'm returning it. Typing is very cumbersome and error-prone, and although you can improve with time, it will never be a pleasant experience. Some have said that the Lenovo Yoga keyboard feels awkward when in tablet mode, but I'd accept that in order to have an efficient keyboard when in laptop mode.
    12-26-2013 11:03 PM
  2. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Thanks for letting members know about this, it a good feature to have it a shame that dell dropped it.
    01-02-2014 08:38 PM
  3. Peter Crook's Avatar
    I have a Dell XPS 11 and I love it.
    According to my chat with the dell the active stylus DOES work with the XPS 11. The very latest promotion video shows the the pen in use. The pc settings also confirm Touch and Pen support.

    Copy of my chat with Dell.

    Time Details
    11/14/2013 02:38:39PM Session Started with Agent (Ritam_Sengupta)
    11/14/2013 02:38:39PM Peter: "Does the new XPS 11 come with a stylus. "
    11/14/2013 02:38:50PM Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "Thank you for contacting Dell Chat Sales. This is Ritam, your sales advisor for today."
    11/14/2013 02:38:53PM Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "Hello Peter"
    11/14/2013 02:39:08PM Peter: "Hi"
    11/14/2013 02:39:44PM Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "Kindly give me a minute to confirm this."
    11/14/2013 02:40:57PM Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "I am afraid this does not come with a stylus"
    11/14/2013 02:41:46PM Peter: "Is itdesign to work with your active stylus"
    11/14/2013 02:42:10PM Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "Yes Peter."
    11/14/2013 02:43:07PM Peter: "So if I add your Actice stylus which is listed for use with the Venue Tablets it will work with the XPS 11"
    11/14/2013 02:43:49PM Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "Yes Peter. It will."
    11/14/2013 02:44:07PM Peter: "Thank you for your help"
    11/14/2013 02:44:14PM Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "My pleasure"
    11/14/2013 02:44:23PM Agent (Ritam_Sengupta): "Thank you for using chat, have a pleasant day ahead Peter"
    11/14/2013 02:44:49PM Session Ended
    01-08-2014 09:20 AM

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