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    It's sad to this forum so empty. I am blown away by my XPS 11. I bought it to replace a MacBook Air 11" and a Lumia 2520. I wanted one device to be my touch friendly consumption device and keyboard/trackpad ready work laptop. This is it. I actually love the keyboard as anything not made by Apple or Lenovo (and the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus I tested at the MS Store recently) hasn't been a good experience for me. The XPS 11 touch keyboard is perfect for my use case. Also, I would never use the stylus, even if it was supported. Nothing is more overrated than writing on glass, IMO. Again, one's own use case really impacts how one perceives a product.

    The 2520 is a great tablet, but not as powerful or flexible as an X86 device. Also, with a proper Nokia Power Keyboard attached or a carry along Microsoft Wedge keyboard, it can start to get weighty. The MacBook Air was a nice device thanks to the build quality, specifically the trackpad, and also a powerful and long lasting device thanks to Haswell. However, the 1366x768 was just dreadful. Apple doesn't offer a tablet outside of the iPad, and I can't stand iOS. The XPS 11 replaces both devices and is better than each device separately as well.

    Hopefully the XPS 11 starts appearing in some stores so potentially buyers can get some hands on time. If you want a tablet first device, with one of the best displays on a mobile device, decent battery life (5-8 hours), amazing build quality and a very usable keyboard (if you aren't a document writer as many reviewers are)... check out the XPS 11.
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    03-09-2014 12:00 PM
  2. Rob Collins II's Avatar
    John I agree with you on the XPS 11. Just purchased mine from MS store so it is signature edition. The keyboard is always the thing that people have major issue with. While the keyboard is different it is not unusable by any means. My wife who is a real touch typist was pretty happy with it. For me the XPS 11 is a great combination of laptop and tablet. Very light for business travel and powerful enough for any work I have hit it with. As a tablet it is also pretty good. The extra screen real-estate is nice for a tablet. So far the battery life has been impressive and the sound on the XPS 11 is better than any laptop or tablet I have owned.
    I think this is a better option than the surface or the Lenovo Yoga.

    01-24-2015 01:04 PM

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