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    So speedfan recognize Temp1 and 4 core's temps. Temp1 I assume is motherboard, right? There is no temp measure for GPU.

    During regular use temps are like that:
    Temp1: 45-60c(while browsing)
    Cores: 55-69c

    But when playing Hearthstone for 4 hours temps are:

    Temp 1 60-67c
    Cores: 75-83c

    I read that this cpu max temp limit is 70-90 so I would say its in the range, BUT iam conserd about tablet itself. It gets very hot and only in one spot(rest of the tablet is cold, even when gaming with 80c core temps). Its hot to the point that when u first touch it it burns a little, but tablet is not artefacting/shuting down.

    Does temps like this and heat at one spot may damage screen pixels and break/bend plastic cover in the back? Is it save for a battery to be charged and discharged by game at the same time(during this 4 hour gameplay battery charged from 4-8% due gaming) and to be put on such a extreme temperatures?

    When i bought tablet and checked predicted battery life it showed 98%, after installing newer drivers it changed to 99% and after hearthstone session it changed to 100% o0.
    12-08-2014 11:05 AM

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