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    I think that MS has a good product with their mobile OS. I think that the criticism they get however is on point to a degree. I blame MS for dropping the ball on their product and they are paying the price.

    I don't think its as bad as people say. Granted, with WM 6.0, they should have seen the consumer market from a mile away as being a market to tap into. They had a lot of oportunities to revamp their OS. I am using 5.0 right now and it does everything i need and i never ran into issues with connectivity. Its was the UI that needed to be simplistic, and fun to use. That is one major success for iPhone.

    This is what i think MS should do. They should have integrated all their services, like if they created an app, called the "Live Marketplace" and be able to select where you want to go (Microsoft Store for Desktop computers, Zune Marketplace, Mobile Marketplace, and Xbox Live). You should have the ability to queue up downloads for your XBox, or buy software for PC. With the next Zune firmware upgrade, they should include this app as well so you can use your Zune for that too.

    There is one feature i really like and that is SideShow for Mobile. I don't know how many people actually used the developer preview, but being able to control your PC from your device, and being able to view docs and stream music and video to your device. I read that MS had tried to encourage the OEM partners to create the device. I think this should be an exclusive Windows Mobile feature and App included (plus have it be compatible to WM 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, & 6.5). With the gadgets on the desktop side, if developers are not encouraged to create them, then i think MS should have their own development house to create the gadgets & some be compatible for mobile devices. I hope MS hasn't abandoned these technologies.

    This will tie in with both the SideShow and Xbox 360: This maybe more for a SideShow gadget in sync with SideShow for Mobile. If MS created the desktop gadget for your mobile device to be used over the network, or bluetooth, to pull up either Media Centre contents and then activate the live stream over the network from your PC to the 360.

    Lastly, I do applaud the effort to try to centralize their own App store. The problem is that you have companies like Handango and other sites that have been operational for a while that many people go to for their apps. What they should do is to be able to work with the most popular ones and index them into their searches inside their app store and then have you be told where it is being sold. Then that could be a way for them to attempt to centralize it so you don't have to save or bookmark or compete. I am not sure if this is either possible or even practical. they should at least give you a list of other outlets other than their own store since their store is still growing.
    01-05-2010 05:36 PM
  2. henrymckenzie's Avatar
    The Windows Mobile experience inevitably varies from phone to phone. With countless models available from a variety of partners like HTC, Samsung, and LG, the variance is completely by design

    It's widely acknowledged by users and media that Windows Mobile is in dire need of a ground-up revamp, and it's happening -- but not quite yet.

    Windows Mobile does have an extensive back catalogue of applications and offers compatibility with many Microsoft software formats that make the system suitable for businesspeople. Manufacturers also tend to augment the standard user interface with their own improved alternatives which makes the whole experience a little more user friendly.
    04-16-2010 03:57 AM
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    Windows Mobile suffers from from a serious flaw in the licensing philosophy. And this makes it very hard to deal with for frequent travellers, multi language people. Windows Mobile needs to be more similar to other mobile phone OS'es in this. It should be a "Anything you can do, I can do better!". So if Nokia give you the option of 5 different languages, Windows Mobile should have 10 different languages.
    07-02-2010 09:02 AM