1. mittortz's Avatar
    So I was blasting the new Girl Talk album in my car the other day from my Surround, and I was horrified to realize that there's a 2-3 second gap in between loading tracks on an album that's supposed to be seamless.
    I've been a massive fan of Zune over the iPod, but Apple achieved gapless playback on their devices years ago. Is it just my phone or is this a problem with the platform? Zune on WP7 can't be a serious contender with something as critical as gapless playback missing... One of my favorite albums ever is Dark Side of the Moon, and I listen to a ton of electronic music. If you put gaps in between those tracks, it can totally kill the flow of an album.

    It's disappointing to have to put new music on my ipod instead of my awesome new phone just because of a problem like this.
    11-21-2010 01:06 AM
  2. anthonok's Avatar
    I was extremely disappointed In this as well. I love the Zune pass though. I've been using iPhones the last 2 years and need gapless this is ridiculous
    11-21-2010 02:56 AM
  3. Mr Mystery's Avatar
    Sadly I still have my iPhone 4 that I'm now using as an iPod touch because Zune music and video is not up to par yet with iPod. It is sad indeed.
    11-29-2010 01:45 AM
  4. cdook's Avatar
    I'm kind of surprised the WP7 phones don't have gapless playback. My 2nd gen Zune has it, and you'd think they'd port all the features over. I believe the earlier versions of the Zune software didn't support it and they eventually brought it over. Hopefully an update comes to the phones and it isn't a hardware limitation.
    12-05-2010 10:25 PM