1. MicDixon's Avatar
    I've had my HTC HD7 with T-Mobile for one day. I've been pleased so far but today the phone started locking up completely anytime I made or received a phone call. The touch screen doesn't work, and neither does any of the buttons. It unfreezes when the phone call ends. This is particularly a problem when calling voicemail because it gets caught in an infinite playback loop of menu options. The only way I know of so far to end a call is to pull the battery. I was wondering if this was an HTC issue or a WinMo issue. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
    11-23-2010 05:17 PM
  2. Redbird1's Avatar
    I'd say take it back to the store right away. I've been using my phone for about a week now, and it has been making calls flawlessly.

    Yours shouldn't be behaving like that.
    11-23-2010 06:25 PM
  3. MicDixon's Avatar
    I was afraid of that.
    11-23-2010 06:46 PM