1. raininberkeley's Avatar
    If someone sends me a photo by email, can I download it to my phone? I can open it when I open the email on my phone, but I don't see an option to download it. If I can, how? I have a samsung focus. If I can't download email attachments such as photos... I may not stick with this phone.
    11-26-2010 10:55 PM
  2. red grenadine's Avatar
    In the email, click on the photo icon. It'll pop up with a black bar underneath and three dots on the bottom right. Click on this ellipsis and tap on "save to phone"
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    11-26-2010 11:35 PM
  3. raininberkeley's Avatar
    Thanks! I'll try that!
    11-27-2010 12:12 PM