1. AranAT's Avatar
    I love voice actions on the phone. I try and use it whenever I can. However, there are some times when it just doesn't work. I used to attribute it to background noise, but sometimes I'll try it in a completely silent room, and it'll say that it can't hear anything. It's extremely accurate whenever it does hear things, but sometimes this bug just pops up. I thought it was random, but I've been noticing that it seems to happen whenever I unplug headphones from it. Can anyone else confirm whether you've been having the same issue, and what you think causes it? I'd use this feature SO much more if I knew that I could rely on it to at least hear me all the time.
    12-14-2010 12:45 PM
  2. ninjaap's Avatar
    Yes. There is a bug concerning plugging in earphones. Are you using an earphone set other that supplied with the phone? The mic is muted when you plug in earphones, and is supposed to work again once unplugged. But for some reason the mic doesn't turn back on with some earphones once unplugged. Try plugging/unplugging the earphones set that came with your phone.
    12-14-2010 02:24 PM