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    This was posted over at WMPoweruser.com as a fix for Australian users who aren't getting Local search results. I'm Canadian, and am experiencing the same issue until I applied this workaround. It's pretty simple:

    Go to the application list
    Open “Settings“
    Open “region & language“
    Scroll to bottom and change “Browser & search language” to “English (United States)“

    There is also a fix for enabling voice search:

    Scroll to top and change “Display language” to “English (United States)“
    Change the “Regional format” to “English (Australia)“ or applicable region
    Touch the “Tap here to accept changes and restart your phone.”

    A quick note though that's listed on the site:
    "This setting is OEM-dependent and may be limited or disabled in which case will have no effect. HTC devices seems to have this locked. LG and Samsung do not."

    Source: Workaround to enable local business listings and voice search on Windows Phone 7 in Australia – istartedsomething via WMPowerUser.com
    12-14-2010 04:13 PM
  2. Melk's Avatar
    Thanks, but I get no results in the local tab. :/
    12-15-2010 10:30 AM