01-02-2011 08:05 PM
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    Proud HTC owner here! The Surround is awesome, because I can easily pop the collar on it's speakers and kickstand, then set it down in any street corner on the Las Vegas strip, and start break dancing for money, so I can pay for my monthly data plan, so I can download songs, so I can keep break dancing on the streets of Vegas. It won't make you rich, but it can get you chicks, or dudes, whichever's clever for you. I haven't actually got chicks yet, but I was told it would. Plus, the HTC Surround pays for itself in 2 years.

    Screw waiting. There will be a new phone every 3-6 months and you will always find one that will be better than the current offerings. I say, the sooner you get a phone, the sooner you can upgrade to the latest and greatest!
    That has got to be the most epic use of the Surround's speakers ever.
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    12-31-2010 06:08 PM
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    Ninja, I'm going to sell the house, wife, kids and move to Vegas to join your crew!

    Now for topic. I say go ahead and get it now. I am not sure where you live but word here in Tulsa OK is 4G won't be here till probably 3rd QTR next year and that is the only reason to wait. Look down at my sig. That's the device I recommend but you really need to just pop into your local ATT store and play with all the devices. My local store I went in there about twice a week for 3-4 weeks. I would just look at someone and say I just wanted to mess around and they left me alone.
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    12-31-2010 08:49 PM
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    thats all i was saying that the diffrent OS vershions for the same makes it REALLY annoying !! and android is essentially the only OS that does it HENCE why i think it sucks ,

    sorry if i state facs pisses you off! *talking to MGarcia**
    and about my spelling , OK , thats you deffence to me ******* you off?? did i insolt your Fav Android os???

    and for the record there more then 2 version for android right now , some of them are still on the 1.XX vershions FOR THE RECORD!! maybe not in your country. but it mien there is.
    exmaple Motorola Blure is still on the same OS as last year! , because of the blure app stops it from updating ( thast 1 example ) and the GALXI has the same problem ( not glaxie S , the glaxie )

    Ether way i mgiht be A fan boy and im proud of it , atlease i dont attack people . i just give my point of view and facts on phones . and the only way you can get a thank you from any 1 is by bashing other members , GJ Mgarcia , your an ***. the simple fact that your sooo quick to defend other OS and cry about it just make you a Bigger fanboy . lmao ... so keep digging your hole. im sure you would fit nicely over at Android central. dont foget to trade in your wp7

    My God, you cannot spell a lick, can you? We really need to get around to that "Internet Drivers' License" idea..
    01-02-2011 08:05 PM
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