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    We connected our Windows 7 Phones to our Sharepoint 2010 farm via UAG. Beside the fact that the presentation via the office Client is much less appealing than the one presented via the mobile browser option, we still wanted to use for the possibility of locally chaching documents. We are thought puzzled by the apparent lack of support of the eml email format on the phone.
    In fact SharePoint 2010 when storing an email only use the EML format but from a Windows 7 Phone Office client when you try to open a document stored in this format, you receive a message stating that the format is not supported.
    We then considered writing a small free app to put in the MarketPlace for visualizing EML messages but we hit the block that you cannot associate new file extensions beside the one defined in the ROM.
    Are we approaching this from a wrong perspective or is this a big feature gap that reduces the utility of the SharePoint 2010 integration to almost being useless?
    Your comments or suggestions are most welcomed!
    02-19-2011 06:18 PM

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