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    Hi everyone... I'm having some difficulty understanding and setting up RSS things for my HTC Trophy. I have researched what RSS is and what it does but was hoping someone could advise me on how to actually getting it to work and what some of the better RSS readers are for my phone.

    My main use for it would be for medical journals. When I go to certain medical journal sites, there is an option for RSS and it says to put the link into the reader. I have done that with NextGen Reader (the only one I have tried...) but it doesn't seem to bring any content to my phone. Not sure if it's the app, or me not fully understanding what is going on.

    Also, I would like the option to have the article on my phone without having to jump to the actual website to read the full document. Is this possible? I have been told from others using Android and iOS that they can pull up a full article from EPSN or general news stories without having to jump to the webpage.

    If anyone has some input or guidance, I'd appreciate it...

    08-11-2011 02:26 PM
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    I love NextGen Reader for me it is the best one on the phone with Wonder Reader and RSStoGo running a close second. As to your questions I assume you have NextGen synced with your Google reader account, anything you add to that will sync into NextGen. I have not tried adding anything within the reader (I do all my additions via the desktop) so I'm not sure about that issue. For the articles if you get one that only shows partial hit the view button (far left one on the drawer at the bottom) and it will open the article in Instapaper mobilizer (default in the beta version, forget about the stock version). Hope that helped.
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    08-11-2011 03:08 PM
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    I ended up with NextGenReader in the end. After I added feeds I didn't see anything, but once they published a new article it popped up.
    Have they published new articles since you added the feed link?

    I don't think any RSS reader will take the article and put the whole article on your phone. I could be wrong though.
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    08-11-2011 06:48 PM
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    I originally bought Wonder Reader but felt it was slow to load new feeds and a bit sluggish. I tried Feed Reader next and bought it as well and haven"t looked back since. It ties in with Google Reader and also allows you to search for new feeds right in the app. If you use twitter it will also sync your twitter account. To be fair to Wonder Reader I think its had an update or two since I last used it so maybe I'll have to try it again. Feed Reader is fast and has a nice layout, it gets my vote.

    But to answer the original post, I would recommend using your pc to add feeds to your google reader account which you can do by either searching for feeds directly within google reader or clicking on the RSS link on the page your'e visiting and then click on the "subscribe with google reader" option. Hope that helps!
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    08-11-2011 07:05 PM
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    Thanks all for you help. After some experimenting and using everyone's suggestions, I managed to get things up and running. Settled on NextGen Reader since it was the first I used and stuck with. I added things through the computer and they were able to sync successfully. I was unable to have the full article shown without having to be redirected, but it's something I am ok with. Just thought having it all in one simple place would be more convenient and streamlined.

    I appreciate the advice... Thanks again.
    08-11-2011 08:59 PM
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    @Dagolara Thanks again.
    10-17-2011 01:57 PM