09-02-2011 10:54 PM
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    Well install "xxxx" is about how some feel about "wait for mango" lol.

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    At least we know its coming and not a rumor
    08-31-2011 02:18 PM
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    Both operating systems will be undergoing major revisions in the fall with the release of Windows Phone Mango and Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Both updates could potentially bring what you'd be looking for, if not more to each OS. So for now, I'd sit tight and not worry too much about it.
    Who knows when ics will be out? Depending on what phone one has they might never see it...**** they might not even have gb yet. Also my money says (whenever it comes out) it will be buggy just like all the other versions then the carriers and manufacturers will trash it even more. Then all the devs will be scrambling around to try to fix it up via custom roms and screw it up even more...lose, lose situation
    08-31-2011 02:24 PM
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    If you haven't already made your decision here is my two sense, I am pretty much an anything but Apple type of person, I don't hate the technology (although content is king and if my content provider writes in flash I want my device to support it, I don't care about you vendetta).
    I am currenlty running and android phone (my second), and I am just a week old with with my Samsung Focus, and like many here have said in one form or another it boils down to use case, if you want to play games ans show off apps to your friends (I chuckle when I think of the Gieco commercial with the Bro-stach app, wich gieco made an actual android app), then Android will probably be better, but don't be swayed by the hardware specs, the best android devices are the least touched by the manufacturers. I had an EVO 4g the stock HTC setup worked well I experienced little in the way of crashes or sluggish response, but it did suffer awful batter life. I rooted it to get Gingerbread, and I hoped getting a bunch of sprint and HTC apps off I would conserve battery, my phone was less stable and got slightly better battery life, but wasn't worth it. I replaced it with a Nexus S from Sprint, a google refrence device and it runs like a champ it boots probalby as fast as my Focus (maybe a tad slower). I find some of the critisims leveled at Android to by Hyperbole much like accusations made at Windows Desktops can you get yourself in trouble by installing junk, sure, but if you take a little care Windows will run just fine. If you are heavily invested in Google services Gmail, Maps, google reader, Lattitude, Google+, google Music Android will be better, not that it can't be done on WP7, but you will have a better experience on android for those things.

    On the WP7 front I just picked up a Focus for work (it gave me an exuse to try WP7) and in the week I have had it, I have had a fantastic experience, the UI is second to none, I have had a Zune HD for a year and half so the Metro UI wasn't that different for me. Now there are some apps I miss that I haven't found equivanlents for, (Expensify, Google+, Abby Card reader, Mint.com, my bank doesn't have a WP7 app Android does), but they aren't deal breakers. I love having my phone and zune in one, the gmail tile while not as good, it is good enought, I love the Xbox intergration, it has just been overall a pleasure to use, and I can see me wanting to use my focus more than my Nexus.
    09-02-2011 10:54 PM
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