1. DaMoFoMan's Avatar
    So I just upgraded (by way of insurance replacement) from a HTC HD2 to a HD7 and i am really missing my arrow keys on the keyboard. Does anyone know if Mango changes that or am I the only one who ever uses them! lol Or is there something that i'm missing on my HD7 that would help?
    08-30-2011 07:37 PM
  2. Reflexx's Avatar
    If you are in a text field, touch the screen and hold.
    Above your finger you'll see a little blue symbol that is shaped like an I.
    Drag your finger and the symbol will follow you above your finger.
    Place the symbol to the exact spot that you want and release your finger.
    Your cursor will now be in that place.
    08-30-2011 07:50 PM
  3. DaMoFoMan's Avatar
    I knew i had to be missing something! Thanks for the help reflexx!
    08-31-2011 05:44 AM
  4. Reflexx's Avatar
    No problem. The same exact thing frustrated me when I first got my phone.
    08-31-2011 08:59 AM