1. Winterfang's Avatar
    Hi guys, so I was trying to download the new fighting game and I connected my PC but it gave me an error and didn't recognized my devices. Suddenly all my usb connected peripherals stopped working I had to restore my PC.

    The phone doesn't even charge, what can I do?
    08-31-2011 11:17 AM
  2. selfcreation's Avatar
    did any thing happen to your phone or your USB wire??

    make sure none of your PINS on the USB wire are broken or Bent ( if they are bent you can bend them back into position but be careful )

    try a diffrent USB port on your PC, also try a diffrent USB from your old phone ( if u have micro USB chargers)

    soft reset?

    HArd reset?

    if none of that help you might need to exchange it. :(
    08-31-2011 11:31 AM
  3. Winterfang's Avatar
    I tried putting in other port on my PC but it keeps screwing my Mouse. I sadly don't have another USB at hand so I'll try it again at work, it won't charge on the regular charger so it might my the USB adapter that's faulty.

    08-31-2011 11:39 AM
  4. selfcreation's Avatar
    it doesnít charge on the AC charger AND on the USB Charger???

    it sounds like it could be your phone

    , check the connector ON your phone

    Often people dont relies how careful they have to be when inserting the USB wire on the phone.

    ive seen allot of people break USB pins IN the phone . always make sure you insert the wire STRAIT IN.
    08-31-2011 11:45 AM
  5. Winterfang's Avatar
    I checked the phone and it looks alright, the port also fits in nicely. I work with phones so I'm plugging chargers all day. I'm going to try different charges when I get to work in the evening, I hope it just a broken USB :'(
    08-31-2011 11:54 AM
  6. Dave Blake's Avatar
    My son broke the charging port right off the board on his Treo Pro. Sometimes the port just breaks loose of the solder connections on the board. When that happens it looks fine just wont work.
    08-31-2011 12:08 PM
  7. Winterfang's Avatar
    Oh man don't scare me like that man. But still why would it makes my computer crazy?
    08-31-2011 12:31 PM
  8. selfcreation's Avatar
    it wouldnt.....
    08-31-2011 12:35 PM
  9. bear_lx's Avatar
    sometimes the sd card can be corrupted too and cause similar issues, did you try connecting it without the sd card inserted?

    im pretty sure the lg optimus has an sd card
    08-31-2011 12:47 PM
  10. Winterfang's Avatar
    The LG Optimus has internal memory sadly. My phone did charged with my car charger, the house charger at my work and an USB adapter there. Looks like I have to buy a new one.
    08-31-2011 08:52 PM