01-01-2012 04:51 AM
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  1. theefman's Avatar
    Shouldnt have anything to do with your data plan, wifi should suffice to get apps. The one you bought should appear on your phone after a while, just keep it connected to wifi. Do you have a sim card you can borrow to check? Otherwise a reset might be your only choice.
    09-22-2011 04:52 PM
  2. cckgz4's Avatar
    Check your cellular apn. Is it using T-Mo's network?
    09-23-2011 12:35 AM
  3. gentry33's Avatar
    I tryed to dl it through my desktop about 2 hours ago after I read this theefman, Im not sure if it went threw. I brought the game, sed will show up on my app list shortly but has not shown up yet soI dont think it worked. I must be something with my data plan. Maybe seen the windows 6.5 is gone they need to send me a new sim card with windows 7 capabilitys. Any of you guys ever hear of anythingl ike this?
    You didn't state which game you bought, some new apps are for mango and will not show in your list (I did the same darn thing, not sure if it will appear after update). I've also found the quickest way for the app to be in the list is to be connected to the pc using the provided cable.
    No wm6.5 card in wp7.
    Hope this helps.
    09-25-2011 09:17 AM
  4. TheHeroFromDOOM's Avatar
    Im going to go to the AT&T store this week and tell them to give me a new sim card and see what they can do.
    09-25-2011 01:51 PM
  5. TheHeroFromDOOM's Avatar
    Ok guys sorry to keep you all waiting but I dident get a chance to go to the AT&T store but last night my phone go the mango update and now I can buy apps with no problem. Seems to also made everything run even faster as well. I guess it was kinda like a phone reset getting the update. But thank you all very much for your help. Thank you mango!
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    10-05-2011 11:40 AM
  6. Odeira.Oloap's Avatar
    I have been a Nokia owner ever since my parents let me have a phone. That was like 7 or 8 years ago. I have never picked a phone that didn't have the Nokia logo on it.

    That was then.

    Last week, I saw an HTC HD7 at a mall near our house. It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. :)

    Tomorrow, I will be taking delivery of that HD7 I fell in love with. :)

    I still wonder as to why I chose an HD7 over the iPhone or them dual-cores, considering the fact that Windows Phone is not exactly a mainstream product (as supposed to iPhones and OS's with desserts as their names) here in the Philippines. I don't even know as to when WE will get our share of Mango (Rather ironic since Mango is our National Fruit...)

    I really hope my HD7 impresses me. I really love it, simply because of the Windows Phone OS (among other things, but be honest- You buy a Windows Phone because it is a Windows Phone, and you love Windows Phone and everything about it.) :D
    10-08-2011 04:57 AM
  7. TigerGrad85's Avatar
    Not necessarily. There are multiple previous iphone users that have dropped the iphone for WP7. Personally, I could care less about Apple.

    I just came over from webOS. I love webOS, but the lack of a hardware future pushed me here. Microsoft is putting their weight into WP7. You're not going to see it fail, like HP did with the Pre.

    I think you will be safe with WP7. I recommend you look up the Windows Phone Radio and the Zune Insider podcasts. These podcasts are recorded by Microsoft employees directly involved in Zune development and WP7 development.
    I'm about to leap from webOS as well....disappointed, as I was really looking forward to upgrading from the original Pre to the Pre3. But, it appears that HP has really killed that as an option for me (grrrr).

    So, gotta move on, and was looking for a phone that would come the closest to webOS and from what I keep reading, the WP7 with Mango is the ticket. I am wanting to stay with Sprint, so have my eye on the HTC Arrive. I finally had a chance to check it out this weekend and it seemed like a pretty solid phone, and I like the QWERTY keyboard. I prefer the front slide like the Pre vs the side keyboard of the Arrive, but, gotta go with the phone at Sprint. I am waiting to see if any new phones might be on the horizon since the Arrive has been out for about 6 or 7 months, correct? I would like to have a hot spot on my phone, it sounds like Mango supports this but only on new phones, not existing ones? Other than that, I'm actually excited about getting a new gadget since I've had the Pre since 6/6/09!
    10-09-2011 05:51 PM
  8. baseballbert's Avatar
    WP just got rave reviews from Engadget, PC World, Bloomberg and The Boston Herald. Once Nokia makes their plans known on Oct 26, things will start to pick up.

    Its a solid OS, MS has a TON of cash and it will not fail. XBox took a while to take, and it seems to be doing well.
    10-10-2011 12:17 AM
  9. TheHeroFromDOOM's Avatar
    Im starting to get the feeling like the other phone OS's know now that WP7 is here to stay and cant be stopped and are now just kinda trying to play it off and inore it lol, mainly andiod.

    TigerGrad85 , have you thought about seeing if you can get a unlocked Venue Pro for sprint somehow? Its kinda lilke the pre with the front slide down keyboard. I always wanted the 7 pro, but not unlocked 3g version. They tytn ii is what got me into smart phones, and by the time I learned about it the touch pro 3 was onthe way, and I got it the AT&T tilt 2, witch was horrible, but awsome mini laptop disine. Really hope WP7 makes the side sliders a big thing on the form factor, Its just so nice to havve the option to slide down and ever for gaming making the keys sertin control and stuff, that why I alway want a keyboard. Imagin play DOOM on the 7 Pro, make it just like using the keyboard on the comp. (DOOM has been confermed from id software and John Carmac for WP7, when idk) Really hope when WP7 takes off and that get the amounth of phones like andoid dose, I hope half have sliders like andoid dose.

    Odeira.Oloap Congrates on the HD7, remember nokia is on the way in force to WP7.

    Everything just seems to be getting better and better for windows phone thank goodness, really cant wait to see what the new windows tablets are going to be like when they come out, see if they will be good for bartop MAME arcades hopefully.
    10-10-2011 01:09 AM
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    10-10-2011 08:49 AM
  11. pruett365's Avatar
    I've owned the first two iPhones and I absolutely prefer my windows phone. I have always preferred the Windows Mobile over everything else and the WP7 has only gotten better (especially with mango). I have the Focus and only plan to upgrade if they come out with a dual core :)
    12-18-2011 05:10 PM
  12. baseballbert's Avatar
    Don't let Big D5 here you talking that dual core business!

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    12-18-2011 07:31 PM
  13. vtective's Avatar
    Speaking from experience, the Venue Pro is a great choice. You gotta watch out for shoddy quality control. I had to make a couple of replacement requests.
    12-20-2011 02:47 PM
  14. The Liaison's Avatar
    Well, it's always a good thing that you decided to ask around - that initiative alone will save you from be scrape along the side by sales reps and their push for what's "hot" now.
    12-20-2011 08:10 PM
  15. freestaterocker's Avatar
    I really don't know how anyone credible can still predict that Windows Phone will fail. It may either just be fear, or the desire to try to drive traffic to their website.

    One of the most powerful handset makers in the world (Nokia) made a full commitment to WP. That is the only OS their smartphones will carry. It's not as if they were just rolling the dice and hoping to get lucky.

    Look at the Windows 8 touch UI. It looks very similar to the Windows Phone UI.

    The XBOX UI is slowly being updated to be more and more tile-based to match Windows Phone and Windows 8.

    This isn't something that Microsoft is merely flirting with. They are going all-in. This isn't just Windows Phone to them. This is an entire ecosystem that will connect with each other.

    So, you don't really have to worry about Windows Phone failing any time soon. That doesn't mean that it will be a guaranteed market success soon. But the commitment is there by Microsoft so that if it takes 5 years to reach commercial success, they'll stick it out.
    This. Also, MS can throw $$ at it until it gains traction. They did it with Xbox and now they have #1 market share in North America. Windows Phone isn't going anywhere but up.
    12-31-2011 09:32 PM
  16. freestaterocker's Avatar


    Wow. The fandroid can't even spell his preferred OS right. That fills in a *lot* of gaps for me... :D
    12-31-2011 09:34 PM
  17. Forgewizard's Avatar
    He's a WP7 convert now, android is fading fast from his memory banks....
    01-01-2012 04:51 AM
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