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    On my old Motorola Q(Original) I had a screen protector that was like a thin, hard film that went over the screen. It was great and I loved it. All I was ever able to find for the Moment was an almost nylon type protector that I HATED with a passion and I don't want to get 3 different brands of protector to find out they're all that nylon crap.

    What companies make a protector that is more like what I want? Invisible Shield?
    09-07-2011 09:25 AM
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    I'm pretty picky with screen protectors and don't want anything that will make the screen feel plasticky. The best success I've had is with covers made by Xentris. They don't always make the exact model phone cover I want but they always have a similar size model which works out just fine.

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    09-07-2011 09:59 AM
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    I know exactly what type of screen protector you are referring to from your Q, I had a similar one placed on my old iPhone awhile back. Invisible shield is not like this-it is a very flexible but durable type of plastic, I believe like what you are referring to with the nylon one, not sure though. The problem with Invisible Shield is they cost so much when you can get something similar and good quality off Amazon for $5 shipped

    This is the one I picked up for my HTC Surround, though at the time it was only $3.99 Shipped- I love it- smooth application and works perfect

    Amazon.com: REALOOK AT&T HTC Surround Crystal Clear Premium LCD Screen Protector 2 Pack: Cell Phones & Accessories
    09-07-2011 10:03 AM