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    I just wanted to start a thread that focuses on how the people around us react to our phones. It doesn't have to be a miracle story, like "I showed mine to a friend and they immediately went and bought one for the entire family," but even a simple explanation of a reaction would do. Had they ever heard of WP? Did they want to actually hold it and try it on their own? What were the things they, an average consumer, seemed to be attracted to first? Did they have any negative comments? Just wondering. I've only swayed one person to WP, and I'm wondering what else I could do or point out that might sway them. My peers seem to be stuck in iDroid land (those, apparently, are the only two REAL choices...). :P
    09-11-2011 11:38 PM
  2. baseballbert's Avatar
    Most of friends couldn't understand how I could leave Steves womb. Until they played with my phone.

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    09-12-2011 12:04 AM
  3. palandri's Avatar
    Is there an application for that? It's an Android/iPhone world out there. Most phones have the same functions, so unless there is a stand out function it's a hard sell. A couple of friends have looked at my Trophy, the only thing that stood out was the music player.

    Two friends went with a Nokia N8 after seeing mine in action with the 12MP camera, HD video and HDMI port. That's a standout function of the N8.
    09-12-2011 06:46 AM