1. baseballbert's Avatar
    Its Tuesday, its Tuesday, gotta download on Tuesday.

    Mango'n, mango'n, mango'n, YEAH...

    Wow, if you all want to come through the screen and punch me in my mangoes over that little ditty, I won't be offended......
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    09-26-2011 08:13 PM
  2. HeyCori's Avatar
    09-26-2011 08:20 PM
  3. rabit1's Avatar

    well it's Tuesday here already in Asia.. Just checked.. no mango yet....
    (unbranded HD7)
    09-26-2011 08:24 PM
  4. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Burt your a nut ...lol
    09-26-2011 08:58 PM
  5. baseballbert's Avatar
    Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't....

    I'm a sleep deprived dad of six weeks, infants are **** on a man sir....ITS RAININ' DIAPERS EVERYWHERE MAAAAAAN.....

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    09-26-2011 09:17 PM
  6. astroXP's Avatar
    LMAO! This totally made my night xD
    09-26-2011 09:40 PM
  7. VernonEL's Avatar
    Fun, fun, fun, fun...
    09-26-2011 09:49 PM
  8. baseballbert's Avatar
    09-26-2011 10:11 PM