1. TeeOwnzU's Avatar
    Hey guys, I force installed the Mango update on to my Samsung Focus yesterday and my Windows Live account is now continuously saying "Action Required".

    When I select my Windows Live account to put in my password, it's telling me my password is incorrect meanwhile I know for a 100% fact that isn't true because I'm using the same exact password to get on to live.com, xboxlive.com, and Zune and only my phone seems to not be accepting my password.

    My Facebook account is also giving me the same issue.

    Any suggestions at all to fix this because it's really bugging me.
    09-28-2011 01:54 PM
  2. Umm Yeah's Avatar
    Request a rest of your password?
    09-28-2011 02:04 PM
  3. TeeOwnzU's Avatar
    I would attempt that but like I said, the password is working from all other access points and I wouldn't want to change the password I'm used to using on multiple accounts.
    Not to mention that might not even work and isn't worth the risk. Thanks though.
    09-28-2011 02:11 PM
  4. techjunkieforlife's Avatar
    Similar but not the same, I changed my Facebook email a few months back. Now with Mango in the accounts section it tells me action required as it has my old email address. It will not let me access/change the email address or password now. People hub and the facebook app work fine however so this might be an issue if I ever change my FB password?
    09-28-2011 02:20 PM
  5. TeeOwnzU's Avatar
    As long as your Windows Live account is logging in properly, you can delete the Facebook account off of your phone, then re-add it with your newer E-mail address.
    If you aren't experiencing any problems though, I guess it doesn't make a difference.
    09-28-2011 02:23 PM
  6. antsmarchin's Avatar
    Have you tried removing your accounts on the phone? I would try removing your linked accounts first on live.com and then remove them off your phone. I had that problem with facebook at least. After that's done, sync your live account. Once you do that, maybe it'll clear up your Windows live account problem?
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    09-28-2011 02:23 PM
  7. TeeOwnzU's Avatar
    Wow, that advice seemed to partially work!
    My Live account is logging in now but my Facebook account is a bit screwed up because I was trying to delete it before Windows Live was logging in and now it can't be deleted...
    So close to fixing this problem lol
    09-28-2011 02:34 PM
  8. MadGaffler's Avatar
    Wow the EXACT same situation, saw the error, thought it was bc I change my FB email from Gmail, made sure password was right, it was, tried to delete the acct and log in again, error msg can't delete acct. Only difference forced update on an Arrive .....so hopefully I don't have hard reset
    09-28-2011 02:44 PM
  9. TeeOwnzU's Avatar
    I can't delete my Facebook account off my phone now either due to the error message and it's really annoying me. I'm hoping removing Facebook off of my live.com account will eventually allow the account on my phone to delete, otherwise I don't know what other options I have left.

    My guess is it takes awhile for the phone's accounts to sync up with their internet counterparts.
    09-28-2011 02:49 PM
  10. TeeOwnzU's Avatar
    Finally got everything to log in properly!

    -For any accounts that will not log in, go to live.com and remove them from your account.
    -Wait awhile, 15-30 minutes, then sync the "Action Required" account by holding your finger down on it then selecting sync. It will sync the affected account and your Windows Live account automatically.
    -After doing this your phone will now see that your Facebook account, or whichever account was affected, is no longer attached to your live.com account, easily allowing you to delete it from your phone.
    -Re-add account with proper e-mail and password and you'll be good to go from there!

    Thanks for everyone who helped me figure this bug out!
    09-28-2011 02:58 PM
  11. anon(4743061)'s Avatar
    Im having the same problem with gmail. I have no idea how to fix it but it stinks, i use gmail for everything.
    09-28-2011 04:57 PM
  12. erasure25's Avatar
    My Facebook was saying "Attention required." I just long pressed the account under settings, and selected sync and it was fixed. Maybe something like that would work for your live mail accounts?
    09-28-2011 06:30 PM