1. frylock's Avatar
    I've converted a number of podcasts I had on Zune that I was syncing over to sync directly on my phone. No luck! I set it to keep 5 episodes, and play oldest first. It downloaded the 5 oldest as I expected. I marked them as played, but it doesn't download any more after that. It just left those 5 there. If I delete them, it just redownloads the same 5 I had.

    It's even taken to marking some I've marked as played as unplayed. For what I was hoping to be a big benefit, I would consider this feature an epic fail in Mango. Has anyone had any luck getting these to subscribe and update properly?
    09-29-2011 03:03 PM
  2. blackhawk7188's Avatar
    I have had the same problem with Rooster Teeth podcast. It wasnt updating, but about an hour ago it did. I am sure it is the marketplace being updated slowly because of all of the mango app updates. Idk why but an assumption. Your not the only one suffering.
    09-29-2011 03:11 PM
  3. frylock's Avatar
    Good to know. I left one overnight to see if it was a slow to update, and it never did. For now I've gone back to syncing against Zune. I could download and play things directly from the marketplace, which is nice, but I really want it to maintain the subscriptions for me on the device.

    Maybe we just need to give it a week or so for it to correct itself...
    09-29-2011 03:23 PM
  4. cdook's Avatar
    I was having issues with podcasts that were originally ported from Zune PC. I clicked subscribe on my phone and it seemed like it would keep redownloading all my unlistened to podcasts. I ended up unsubscribing on Zune PC, unsubscribing on the phone, deleted the podcasts and resubscribed on the phone via marketplace. I'm hoping this will fix my issue. Maybe you want to try this too?
    09-30-2011 12:41 AM
  5. sHAYM4N's Avatar
    At least you have that option..still no podcast marketplace for UK users and still a mystery to me why?

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    09-30-2011 12:50 AM