1. Guakala's Avatar
    Wassup gangstas!

    I have an HD2 running Mango the leaked RTM. I got my notification to update to Official Mango last Monday. I want to update to the official Mango using a new email but don't want to lose my past purchases. How can I transfer my purchases to a new Live ID?
    10-01-2011 07:19 PM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    You got a notice to update an HD2?! To answer your question. To keep your stuff you have to transfer your gamer tag to your new windows live ID.
    10-01-2011 07:37 PM
  3. Guakala's Avatar
    Okay awesome! And yes I did, a bunch HD2's running the Leaked RTM received the notice on Monday :) Yeeeeeeeeea buddy!
    10-01-2011 08:45 PM