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    hello... first things first, please dont mind if you find some grammar or spelling errors since english isnt my primary language.
    back on topic.
    no matter what i do or try i simply cannot add twitter acc on my phone (omnia7). i ve tried those steps describes in news section of this portal and failed...
    i ve added twitter on my win live profile through twitter page (connected twiter with winlive&mess) using my pc - failed
    then ive did it again but, this time, i used my phone and again FAIL.. i got the authorization complete messege but it doesnt work..
    all i get is error 500. problem at the other end it says (this happens when i try add acc through people hub or settings/email&acc)..
    did i do somethig wrong? is there some other procedure? first time ive tried to connect my twitter acc i followed these instructions Set up a Twitter or LinkedIn account | Windows Phone 7
    10-05-2011 03:49 AM
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    these are the steps that worked for me... if any of you have the same problem give it a try...

    Follow these steps and let me know the result:
    1. Go to http://profile.live.com/services/con...Fview%3Dmanage.
    2. Login with your Windows Live account.
    3. This should bring you to the "Your connected services" page. Note: While you will not see anything related to Twitter, clicking the above link automatically removes the Twitter relationship in Windows Live.
    4. On your phone, go to Settings > Email+accounts.
    5. Tap and hold Windows Live, and tap Sync.
    6. If you see Twitter in Email+accounts, tap and hold and tap Delete. If you don't see Twitter, you are all set and move onto the next step.
    7. Re-add Twitter to the phone.
    10-05-2011 11:32 PM