1. Averry's Avatar
    So....marketing a phone as a "girly", "women's" smart phone has it's own follies...but seriously.

    What were they thinking.

    They built an Android phone from the ground up, specifically for women....an Android phone. Now if we just make the assumption on what Verizon and HTC were thinking...Women/Girl=less technologically inclined.

    So they tried to simplify Android, make the phone purple, and add a notification charm.

    But seriously. We all know the iPhone is popular with that demographic already. Why didn't the two go...Gee...Windows Phone is beautiful, puts peoples friends UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, has Facebook messaging built into the text messaging app.....

    Why did they just slap Windows Phone in that thing, keep it purple, keep the notification charm.

    And actually MARKET IT to women with adds showing women how they can keep up with the girlfriends, and show what it's like to have your friends pinned to the homescreen.

    I have such confidence that if Verizon were to have done this, they would have had a far more successful phone. It's a pity.
    10-06-2011 01:11 AM