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    I think Microsoft forgot to add two very tiny yet powerful tools that could be in a HUGE benefit for the WP7 evangelization: screenshot capability, AND to be able to share an app link through <keyword>social networks</keyword> with the Share button.

    Call it unnecessary or not worth the time for focusing [for a moment] but could you imagine how many people would actually get to know Windows Phone through an epic fail message on WP7? Or the undecisive customer who might be considering getting his first WP7 but his friend cannot be able to share with him links for the apps he loves (you can actually click Share > Messaging, then copy the link but how cool would it be if the 'social networks' option could be available upfront)!

    The more time they let go without these two functions, the more time it will take for people to know Windows Phone; and I mean know as in actually know that a Windows Phone exists.


    = viral and free marketing
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