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    "Shopping" for a phone on AT&T's site has become next to impossible when considering availability and pricing. My wife and I got our Focus' for free within the last month and now they are up to $49.99 on contract. The HD7S is all of a sudden only $0.01! No more Surround...at all. I was shopping to find my son his first phone. I had decided on an HTC Freestyle (it's like a stupid smartphone) running HTC's Sense UI. Found it on the site free for the refurbished and $49 for a new one. Now it's $100 and no refurbished!? The teeny bobber HTC Status didn't last long. It's now only available online. The one thing that makes one heck of a presence is the frigin iPhone 4s. They have pretty much dedicated the website and automated phone service to the 4s. There's even a standalone "press 9 now" option to preorder the gadget. Bleh. 13 choices of Android, 7 choices of iPhone, and a mere 3 for WP7. Technically I guess there's only 3 choices of the iPhone if you don't count storage as a difference. I'm horribly bitter. It bothers the crap out of me that Apple will succeed in selling the bee-jesus out of the 4s regardless of the actual specs of the device. I hope Siri is one heck of an addition to the 4s to get this much hype. Dear AT&T, I just want to get my son a fancy feature phone without the price changing every other hour and without being treated like a complete moron for not placing my crapple preorder.
    My conversation with AT&T store salesman:
    "You know the Freestyle isn't a smart phone right?" Yes, I know what it is. "Have you heard about the new iPhone?" Really? Yeah, I may have heard a thing or two. "Can I tell you about it?" Go ahead. "It's got lots of great new features." Like what? "A better camera, it records in 1080p super high definition (super?), it has a better screen with more pixels and more colors, I heard the screen may be a little bigger than the iPhone 4 also!" Okay...thanks for that...so do you have the HTC in stock?
    Exit fanboy with his otterbox wagging on it's belt clip...bleh.
    I'm really not a jerk...I'm just so sick of being force fed iOS as if it's the definitive answer to all of the worlds pocket pc wants and needs. GO AWAY!
    10-08-2011 06:43 PM
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    You are probably best off shopping on Amazon or NewEgg.
    10-08-2011 07:43 PM
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    Good call palandri. Went through amazon and got the HTC for $20. Went to the AT&T store yesterday to get my wife's phone replaced. We were created at the door by an associate with an iPad who checked is in via an iPad app. Humorous to say the least. We were the only ones in the store so I'm not sure why we had to get on their scheduler app. Very Apple store-esq. He was quite proud of his techy check in gadget. When I told the associate that my wife's phone had been having problems since I put mango in it he asked, "Is that like jailbreaking?" Is what like jailbreaking? "Mango."

    Come on MS...we need some standards in the carrier's stores if WP7 is to succeed! They should at least know about major OS updates!

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    10-11-2011 06:46 AM