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    Hey, UK users! I was wondering if Bing Vision getting a cut-down feature set in the UK? Seems like us UK folk are able to scan Microsoft Tag and QR codes using Bing Vision, but failing at barcodes, and covers from books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

    Official UK web site help pages say we can do this: Scanning codes, tags and text | Mobile Search | Windows Phone 7

    But my own experience has been that bar codes and cover text cannot be picked up (yet). How are other UK users finding Bing Vision on their Mango devices?

    It's been noted elsewhere on the Interweb that as soon as you change the Browser and search language setting from English (UK) to English (US), it works flawlessly.

    It'd be interesting to hear what experience other people have had...
    10-10-2011 04:19 PM
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    Yes doing what you mentioned will make Bing Vision scan more items than the default UK settings StanYau. :)
    (CD's DVD Covers etc)

    Welcome along to WPC :)

    Bit his and miss what it scans and prices and stores are all wrong of course. (Yankee Dollars) :)

    But at least it lets you experiment with the feature until it actually arrives in the UK.

    Whenever that will be. :)
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    10-10-2011 04:23 PM
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! :)

    Sad to see that we have to fudge the Bing Vision thing. This should definitely be available in the UK, according to the UK help. Not sure if it will require a future update to fix, or whether this can just be "turned on"... :(
    10-10-2011 04:28 PM
  4. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    No i don't think a fix will be needed StanYau, it's just not available in the UK yet. (They'll just enable it)

    I'm sure it'll arrive eventually, just don't know when. :)
    10-10-2011 04:32 PM
  5. Big Supes's Avatar
    Does anyone know when Microsoft intend to fix this?
    10-10-2011 04:43 PM

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