1. Snow's Avatar
    If my phone is able to use the compass and i can auto focus anywhere in the screen in the camera app instead of only focusing in the center, does that mean that i have the correct firmware that would have come with the official mango update?
    10-13-2011 04:46 AM
  2. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    You probably have the latest firmware Snow, but you'd have to compare it to another user who has the same phone and updated it officially for 100% confirmation. :)
    10-13-2011 05:07 AM
  3. Snow's Avatar
    10-13-2011 05:11 AM
  4. GekkoAce's Avatar
    Update your firmware with this Samsung tool:

    Run it and select B to backup and update.
    10-13-2011 06:19 AM
  5. jfa1's Avatar
    how long has that been out? was it a separate update from the mango? I know I saw something about an impending or possible update but hadn't seen anything else. What is the updated firmware # ?
    10-13-2011 04:26 PM