1. mmbond's Avatar
    I did a contract job with a bunch of people today, men, women, a variety of ethnic backgrounds and talked phones with them. The majority had Android phones and were not very happy with them, but some were estatic despite the failings - battery life being the most significant.

    Despite this: each time I mentioned Windows Phone, the non crashing OS, smooth interface and incredible battery life each of them either acted surprised responding, "really windows mobile?", or ignored me.

    Almost to a man/woman, each person associated/confused windows phone with windows mobile. Many chimed in with stories of how their friends hated windows mobile. I agreed with them and explained that android is the new windows mobile, only slightly improved, which is not saying alot, before espousing/demonstrating the benefits of Windows Phone Mango

    In any event, I think it might clear up the confusion if MS bashed their old OS in a side by side comparison with Windows Phone. It'll never happen but it could help to clarify that this is an entirely different device.
    10-13-2011 10:42 PM
  2. based_graham's Avatar
    Yeah I agree Windows Mobile left a very bad taste. MS should advertise all of their small key features in Mango man they should of just named this phone Mango Microsoft Mango
    10-13-2011 11:48 PM
  3. sandmanfvr's Avatar
    I was out wife friends and the wife and I said windows phone and everybody had android and one friend was like, what is that? Somebody else mentioned it was made by Microsoft. Windows Phone has NO coverage/market presence. Ios, android, and blackberries do.
    10-14-2011 04:15 AM